Desk study 'Power-to-Protein'

Projected for Amsterdam, and the use ammonium from the reject water from the sludge treatment at the Amsterdam West WWTP.

Read the results of the first TKI project in report form.

Thesis: Exploring protein production by hydrogen-oxidizing microbiomes

Matassa, S.

November 2016

Thesis Silvio Matassa on Research Gate

Pilot scale production of single cell proteins using the power-to-protein concept

Frank Oesterholt, Silvio Matassa, Luc Palmen, Kees Roest, Willy Verstraete

Presented at the 2nd Int. Resource Recovery Conference 5 - 9 Aug 2017 in New York

Presentation IRRC 2017-session 1a-Kees Roest-KWR-Power to Protein

Feasibility of the Power-to-Protein concept in the circular economy of the city of Amsterdam

Frank Oesterholt, Laura Snip, Silvio Matassa, Willy Verstraete

Presented at the IWA World Water Congres in Brisbane 9 - 13 Oct 2016


Autotrophic nitrogen assimilation and carbon capture for microbial protein production by a novel enrichment of hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria

Silvio Matassa, Willy Verstraete, Ilje Pikaar, Nico Boon

Elsevier, Water Research 101 (2016), 137 -146

Power to Protein koppelt water, energie en food (PtP links water, energy and food)

Interview with Willy Verstraete about the Power-to-Protein concept and the ungoing research with KWR (in Dutch)

Utilities, may 2016


Can direct conversion of used nitrogen to new feed and protein help feed the world?

Matassa, S., D.J. Batstone, T.Hülsen, J. Schnoor, W. Verstraete (2015b).
Environmental Science & Technology. 2015, 49, 5247 – 5254.

Resource recovery from used water: the manufacturing abilities of hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria.

Matassa, S., N. Boon, W. Verstraete (2015a).
Water Research 68 (2015), 467-478

Circular economy in the Amsterdam region, including feasibility of the power to protein concept

De Buijzer, Roest, Oesterholt, Versteeg, Hofman, Verstraete, Boere.
IWW, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 3 November 2015

IWA Resource Recovery conference Ghent, Belgium, 1 september 2015

The Power to Protein concept on the cover of the Environmental Science & Technology, May 2015