July 2018: Allied Waters Collab H2Bio further develops technology and markets for the power-to-protein concept

The Allied Waters Collab H2Bio will continue the work on the power-to-protein concept. The Collab focuses on biosynthesis of organic compounds - such as proteins - by bacteria using green hydrogen as an energy source. Allied Water is a public-private partnership dedicated to implementing innovations in the urban water cycle. The Collab is the main working unit in the Allied Water Model. Shareholders of Allied Waters are KWH Holding BV and the Allied Waters Foundation.

Green hydrogen is typically produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen (electrolysis of water). The electricity required is generated from renewable sources such as  solar power and wind. There is an ever increasing focus on using hydrogen as   (1) fuel for cars, (2) a means for energy storage, (3) feedstock for the chemical industry,  and here (4) as an energy source for bacteria producing feed and food.


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